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What are Contacts?

Alert notifications for monitor events are sent to Contacts. You can create a contact and re-use it for alerts across all monitors.

Adding Contacts

  • Goto the Contacts Area by selecting it from the left sidebar
  • Click on the Add Contact button to open the dialog box
  • Give the contact a Name
  • Specify the email address for the contact. This is where the alert notifications are going to be emailed.
  • Choose a Subscription to determine which events to send notifications for. You can select one of the following:-
    • None - No email alerts are sent.
    • Up and Down - The contact receives notifications for both up and down events.
    • Only Down - Notifications are only sent when the monitor goes down.
    • Only Up - Notifications are only sent when the monitor comes back up.

Disabling Contacts

Use the Enable/Disable Notifications button to the left of a Contact to disable/enable notifications.

Deleting Contacts

Use the Delete button to delete a contact.

This action cannot be undone.